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Charles is a bloodthirsty train, and you need to destroy him.Navigate a massive play area in your trusty old engine. These winding tracks are treacherous, so you’ll need to plan each mission carefully. Be wary when traveling on foot, or switching the track’s direction; Charles might be waiting for you.Upgrade your train to fit your needs. Go looting or complete missions to find “Scraps”, which can be used to turn your train into a death machine on wheels. Help out the settlers in return for high powered weapons, and other items vital to Charles’ destruction. Fight Charles to the death. Complete the main questline, and summon Charles to a mortal duel. If you’ve gained enough strength, firepower, and skill, Charles may finally meet his match.

What is Choo-Choo Charles?

Choo-Choo Charles takes you to an island, where you play an old train. Here, you will explore its forested areas, beaches, and mountains. You will also interact with paper-doll NPCs that inhabit the island. However, an evil clown-faced train is on the loose. Known by the locals as Charles, this monster preys on the flesh of the puny humans. It is your goal to stop him once and for all.

However, as you are an old train, you don’t have the power to stop him. With this, you need to gather Scraps, which you can use to upgrade. To collect them, you have to complete missions given by humans. You can also loot some as you roam your way across the island. Be careful, though. Charles is out to get you, and he can move even away from the tracks.

This doesn’t mean you cannot fight. Even on your default model, you have a mounted machine gun that you can use. You can also clear your path on foot or switch the direction of the track. Note, however, that the winding tracks are dangerous. With this, you need to plan each mission. Thankfully, there is a map that you can consult. However, it will not tell you Charles’ hiding spots.

Is the game good?

Choo-Choo Charles is not your typical horror game. While its gameplay is similar to every other survival adventure game, the characters and the mechanics are different. You also have an open-world map that you can freely explore as you do your missions. Not to mention the comical art style that makes the game eerier. All in all, it is a recommended title to pick up. 

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